LLETZ Treatment... what to expect?

Hi Everyone, 

I had my first smear 20/02/2015 age 25 with an abnormal result, I was referred for colposcopy 20/3/2015 and later received a letter confirming CIN3 high grade adnomalities. I have a LLETZ treatment booked in for 30/4/2015 and I am not sure what to expect at all. I am going on holiday on 1/6/15 within 5 weeks of treatment, the hospital said that I am ok to travel and should have stopped bleeding by then. I just wondered if any lovely ladies are kind enough to share their experience of this treatment and recovery etc. 







First Smear: 20/02/2015

Diagnosed with High Grade Dyskasoris 

Colposcopy 20/03/2015

Confirmed CIN 3

LLETZ booked 30/04/2015 under LA


Hi :-) I had lletz treatment for cin2 just over 3 weeks ago. All I really want to say is that it really isn't that bad. I had no actual pain, just a little discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards I was fine and walked home! I did bring a friend along though which helped as I was very nervous beforehand. I did take a tranquilliser half an hour before which I feel did help a lot.

Since the procedure I had a little cramping the first 2-3 days (no worse than period cramps), then I had about 5 types of different discharge (expect lots of weird stuff down there!). 
I am now 22days post lletz and there still is discharge, enough so that I still can't have sex or go swimming! That's the most annoying bit, the waiting!
I haven't had my results either even though they've been in for 2 weeks as I rang and they said they'll send them out but still nothing so I assume they can't be that bad.
Good luck with your lletz xxx