lletz treatment under GA

Hi ladies, 

Hope you're all well.  Yesterday I had lletz treatment under GA. I just wanted to share  my experience for anybody else who's going waiting to have it done. It was decided as it was a large area that needed removing and that I have a difficult to reach cervix that it would be better to do it under GA, fine by me!! I went to the day surgery unit at my hospital, got there and was seen by various docs and nurses just going over what would happen and double checking everything.  I was then called through to put a gown on and some very attractive stockings (that I have to wear for a week!). Then it was just a case of waiting.  I was then taken to theater, given the anisthetic. Next thing I remember was waking up in recovery with a sore throat. I was then taken onto a ward where the surgeon came to see me and told me she had done the procedure with no problems  but unfortunately I had bled a lot afterwards (in her words bled for everybody) so I had to have stitches and a pack inserted. I didn't feel uncomfortable or in any pain at this point, I guess because of the local anisthetic). The doc told me I had to stay in bed for four hours until she came back to remove pack. My obs were taken every half hour and I was given tea, water and a sandwich. Four hours later the dic came to remove pack, it wasn't the most pleasent experience and I did have to ask them to stop half way through, they describe it as a large tampon, it goes on forever. But luckily there was no fresh bleeding and I went home about an hour later. A further 12 hours on I've had no bleeding,  no pain, Im just uncomfortable and still have a sore throat. I was sent home with plenty of painkillers, oral antibiotics and some antibiotic gel I have to insert up there for five days starting tonight. If anyone has any questions just ask, I know the unkown is scary. I hope all your treatments go well ladies. 



Nov 12: abnormal smear at post natal check, hpv present.

Jan13: colposcopy, back for follow up year later.

Feb 14: colposcopy, biopsy taken.

Mar 14: biopsy results show CIN3

May 14: Lltez procedure, colposcopy in six months for smear. 





Hi I was the same LLetz under ga and tbh I feel very lucky compared to what urself and some others have been thru I'm still waiting for results and it's getting frustrating :( my lletz was 4 weeks 1 day ago x ps your post has made my day with your typo of dic rather than doc LOL x

Hahaha...I knew there would be a typo in there somewhere. :) x

Im pleased  u both got on gd ive gotta have ga on tuesday after reading ur posts im less nervous to b honest im more scared about the ga then the lletz