Lletz Treatment Recovery


So I had my lletz treatment about 5 weeks ago. I hadn't bled the entire time so it was good, just had discharge for about 3 weeks. So my partner and I had sex a last weekend, it was a little sore, but that passed. Anyway, I got my period the day after.. but I actually think my wound may have opened. It's hard to tell, but I know how period has always looked and this type of bleeding does not look like my normal period. Should I be worried? I'm a little scared now. 

Help! :( 


If you're at all concerned about the bleeding, do get it checked - either at your GP, call the colposcopy clinic or if the bleeding is getting heavy call 111 and they'll tell you to go A&E if they think it appropriate. Always better to be checked out. It sounds like you may have had sex a little earlier than they recommend, and your cervix possibly got knocked. Doesn't necessarily mean the wound has reopended, but if it hasn't totally healed that may be the cause of the bleeding.

Try not to worry too much, but please do get checked if you're worried. Take care x