Lletz treatment question

I am new here and need some advice. I had a colposand lletz treatment last weekend (a week tomorrow ). But ok but now have period pain inclusing abdominal and back. Also bloated. Slight bright red bloody discharge. The pain is worse now than it was earlier in the week.
Is this normal?
Not sure whether to ring the hospital tomorrow (no chance of a doctors appointment) or to ride it out if its normal and jus healing.


I think all you have mentioned is normal however I would keep an eye on it as if the pain is getting worse it may be the start of an infection. If it keeps getting worse or you get a very offensive discharge see your doctor.

I was extremely bloated up until the 4 week mark, and did have a achy back too, I got pinkish bloody discharge around 2 weeks for a few days then a heavy bleed for 6 hours then no more blood.

Hi, thanks for the response. I ended up at the walk in centre (my GP wouldnt see me til next week ) and they said i had an infection so am on 2 different antibiotics now. My blood pressure was through the roof apparently so good job i went.
The abdominal pain has eased a little, i still have bsck pain and still feel awful but hopefully things will improve now.