Lletz treatment involvement

I am due my lletz on Thursday morning and am now getting very anxious. Is anyone able to shed some light on what the procedure involves? I am trying to stay away from Google. Also is there a list of dos and don’ts afterwards and is there anything I should be aware of afterwards.

Hi Sunshine,

I felt very similar to you and struggled to find all the details I needed for reassurance. So I kept a detailed account of what happened. You can find it all here: https://forum.jostrust.org.uk/t/what-were-your-waiting-times/18241

Also take a look on YouTube. There’s a video called meadow dance relaxation to help with before and during cervical screening. Xx

Hello sunshine24 . I had my Lletz last year and I can honestly say was totally painless for me the local anesthetic did the job and felt no pain through the surgery, for me the byopsy was more painful because they didn’t use anesthetic for it. My recovery was a bit slow because I had an infection after is very uncommon but antibiotics worked fast so my advice would be if you feel something is not right after Lletz don’t put it off and ask GP fo antibiotics because I could of saved myself weeks off pain simply by taking antibiotics earlier, but I repeat infection is uncommon and most probably won’t happen to you. Take care it will be over before you know it

Hi lemon lavender
Thanks so much for replying ,I read your story and thank you for writing a detailed account for all to read,it was really helpful and feel much more confident that I know what is to come and it was so useful to read what may happen afterwards and what to expect. Thanks very much :relaxed:

Hi Hop1
Thank you so much for replying. It’s useful to know that you had no pain during it and I shall be sure now to contact the GP if something doesn’t feel right afterwards.
I shall keep you all posted :relaxed:
Thanks everyone for all your replies xx

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