LLETZ treatment for CIN3 advice



I am new to this site. Sorry for the long post. I had my first smear in January 2019 which came back as low grade abnormal cells and hpv. I had a colposcopy and was told they would bring me back for a smear in 12 months as they wanted to see if my body got rid of it on my own. I went back January 2020 and had a colposcopy and a smear. Next thing i know i had a letter through the post 2 weeks later saying that i needed to go back for treatment. No explanation as to why. I rang the hospital as i hadnt even had my smear results and they told me they couldnt discuss over the phone and i would need to wait til my appointment. Obviously the next 4 weeks went soo slow and all i could do was worry. When i went to my appointment they explained my results had come back as high grade abnormal cells and i would need treatment. They had a look and used the dye to highlight the cells and the colposcopist said they would not be able to do treatment as what they can see does not match my smear results. They took 2 biopsys and sent me on my way. Less than 2 weeks later i got my results. It came back as CIN3 and i would need to go have LLETZ treatment. I was due to go on the 31st March but due to the current situation i was unable to go as i was unwell (turned out i had an abscess in my wisdom tooth). I never heard anything until i got a phone call on Friday 24th April asking if they could bring my appointment forward. It was supposed to be April 28th but could i go on April 27th. I was really confused as i hadnt had a letter or phone call about this. I went on April 27th and was literally rushed in told to get on the bed and as soon as it was all done i was told i could go. No explanation as to what they were doing or what to expect during and after. No fault to the nurses and colposcopist as they were lovely and comforting but due to the current situation. The pain during it was awful. I have read posts where people have said there was no pain but for me it was terrible and when i got up to get dressed there was blood all over the floor and bed. Doesnt help they couldnt get the speculum in right and had to try 4 times. Anyway after i had it done i felt tired and a bit woozy as to be expected and had slight spotting. The day after i was fone. No bleeding or discharge. However 2 days later at the night i suddenly got a feeling like i had wet myself. I was panicking thinking things had gone wrong and i was gonna be like this permanently. It was all over my bed. However it had a weird smell to it. Only ever so slight. 2 days on and its getting worse. I have to change my pants several times a day and im having to change my pads ever 2 hours or so and sleep on a towel. I do have slight spotting now and then and have had a few tiny clots. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if i need to get in touch with someone or if it is normal. Also i have seen a few posts about people awaiting results from LLETZ. I was never told i would receive results from anything. Is this standard. Will there be any results or will i just go back for another smear in 6 months. If i will get results what are they for.


Thank you for reading my post and for any help.


I have had a few letz procedure and understand your worry. What your describing could be an infection and would recommend ringing the department or ward for advice. 

I hope you get sorted,I have panicked more the last few months, not only was my appointment cancelled I have had more symptoms - this covid 19 is quite worrying. 

Hi charlielouise93

Firstly I'm so sorry about your experience, it doesnt sound as though you had good care before or after your procedure, and fortunately my LLETZ was straightforward but I can imagine how frightening it would be to have experienced such pain and then see blood

I'm approaching 4wk recovery since LLETZ and I never had to change my pad more than once every 4hr and except for 1 week which may have been my period I have been mostly ok with just pantyliners. It is sadly very easy to get an infection after this treatment so if the volume of discharge is as you described and it smells a bit off, I would definitely raise this with your GP or colposcopy clinic asap 

Lletz is both a treatment and a diagnostic, that is why it is preferred to laser or cold coagulation in most cases. They routinely send the removed tissue for pathology so they can confirm its consistent with the biopsy and smear results, and look for a nice clear "margin" of healthy tissue which reassures them that your treatment is likely to be successful. This is normal process so not to worry that they are doing this for you.

All the best x

Hi CharlieLouise93,

Youhave had a rough time of it by the sounds of it and I’m not surprised you are feeling like you do.

You must ring the clinic back and tell them - they will help you out certainly. They are still working despite Covid 19 and would want to see you or hear from you rather than not.

Everything is changing and heightened by the current situation so I would not take too much store by changing dates and appointments. I’ve had follow up appointments change all over the place and at short notice just because they have an appointment free. 

However, I completely understand how anxious you must be and that is why you must ring them or your GP. It is probably easily remedied and could be an infection.I hope you get it sorted soon xx