Lletz treatment complete

So I was up all last night didn’t sleep a wink as I was so anxious about my procedure today…had to get their at 7am
The nurses were extremely nice and really calmed me down
Anyway fast forward the anesthesiologist explained to me what will happen etc and I got ready for surgary
I don’t remember anything else to be honest
On awake the nurse were explaining to ke what happened and checked my blood pressure etc
And I was left to sleep as I was extremely tired…having no sleep the night before
Woke up around 12 and was given a cup of tea and toast

The doctor came round said everything was fine…nothing unusual found

Gave me my paper work and I was discharged
I read the discharge letter and it says cin1/2
How does he know if he hasn’t taken a biopsy?
So I guess il just have to wait for results he said it should take around 10 days which isn’t too long
I just want all this to be over now

I guess it went ok

Sounds like it went swimmingly :) get some rest now you there's nothing to do but wait! It'll be good if you get your results in 10 days I have to wait 4 weeks for my biopsy result :/ and it being Christmas won't be surprised if it's longer Tbh! Being a nurse I work Christmas Day but not the receptionist hahaha! Please please please try and enjoy Christmas now Sarah there's no more that can be done hun and if it's CIN 1-2 then that's nothing at all nowhere near any self diagnoses its all gone away :) Merry Christmas Hun I hope we both get the results we want and no surprises  xxxxx