Lletz treatment cancelled

So today I have had a call that my appointment for next week has been cancelled and pushed back for a further 3 weeks due to strikes (I think). I have already waited 2 weeks since getting my results which confirmed CIN3 I am trying my hardest not to worry and stress I feel stupid for being so upset but today I actually cried when I finished the phone call. I just want to get it out of the way with but also to speak to someone who can answer my questions. I have questions which at the moment are unanswered as the people I have spoken to can’t tell me anything :frowning:

Bless you I really sympathise. I had in total 11 weeks from when I got my abnormal smear result to having my lletz. When I finally got my lletz booked they called me as well and cancelled it and pushed it back a further week. The waiting is absolute torture.

Can you call your colposcopy department and ask them to relay the questions you’ve got in the meantime to get them answered by a doctor? They were always at the end of the phone for me throughout if I needed them.