LLetz treatment, blue cervix

Hello everyone.

I’m new to this forum and I’m absolutely terrified. I received abnormal smear test results last week and yesterday I went to have a colposcopy and the Consultant said that I have Dyskaryosis and pre cancerous cells high up in cervix which meant higher risk of developing into cancer???

I had 1.5cm of cervix removed and sent off for biopsy, but what now I’m terrified that the results will be bad. He also mentioned that my cervix was blue.

He asked if I could be pregnant as blue cervix shows your pregnant?? I can’t be and I have taken 2 tests as a precaution. And I’m deffo.

Dr Google suggests that blue cervix can be a sign or hormones or something more sinister
Could anyone offer reassurance and shed some.light xx


Can't help with the blue cervix. But I have just had high grade CGIN cells removed. Glandular cells they call them. They are harder to see and treat. But stay optimistic. The docs and nurses are so helpful. 


thanks Nat positive thoughts for you too xx