LLetz treatment & Biopsy - emotional feelings

So I was sent for a Coloscopy on April 13th as my smere from Feb showed I was HPV positive along with CGIN (most severe). I had the LLETZ treatment and a biopsy was taken. Its been a week since I've had this and I'm so emotional all the time. I'm not a crier but all I do is cry and I have no idea why. Has anyone found this? I'm feeling isolated and just in general really not myself. I've not energy or motivation. I've not felt like this before. I've got another 3 or so weeks before I get my results from my biopsy. Someone tell me I'm not alone in feeling like this. ? or am I being a big baby? 

Hi Jayde

i was in a similar position to you, went in for colposcopy following smear showing change in glandular cells and I had my lletz and was so emotional, I felt upset all the time and was often crying too. It's a challenging time and it's ok to be emotional. I just tried to keep busy and put it to the back of my mind. Reading people's stories on here also helped and was reassuring for me so would be worth doing that. Hopefully the results come soon and you can get some answers. Did they give you any indication of anything during your appointment? Xx

I am sad quite a lot of the time when I'm on my own too :( 

Hi Jayde,


I don't think enough is done to make us aware of the emotional impact a LLETZ can have on us. I'm also not sure we have any hormone production that is effected?


Let all those tears flow as much as you need and then try planning something really good for you to look forward to (especially now lockdown is easing up a little). You deserve a treat xx

Thanks everyone, I'm glad it's just not me. They don't make you aware of how you may feel after. Only the possible side effects of infection ect. Im feeling a little better the past two days which has helped lift my mood.

Kimmyc1982 she just said she didn't like the look of it so she also removed part if my cervix. She's confident whatever it was she's removed it all xx 

Hi Jayde, 

I had a similar timeline to you. Abnormal smear and HPV positive in early March, followed by a colposcopy and then my LLETZ treatment yesterday morning to treat CIN2. 

I cried a lot yesterday evening and although feeling a little better today, I could cry more if I wanted too. Like you, I just don't feel like myself at the moment so you are not alone. I'm quite surprised as to how emotional this process can be but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is feeling like this. 

I noticed this was posted a week ago. Have you been feeling better? I just can't wait to start feeling like my normal self.