LLetz treatment and now CT scan?

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I just have a Q
I am being tested for possible/probable CC 1b1 and have so far had MRI & CT scan, an examination under a general and then on tuesday this week LLetz treatment under a general. All scans and examinations point to stage 1b1 however biopsies have been coming back as possible cancer but not enough seen to be diagnostic. This is why I went to have the LLetz remove the tumour I have on my cervix and to biopsy that. I am booked in for a radical hysterectomy on the 15th all depending on the results.
I received a letter the day after my lletz, inviting me in for a CT scan next tuesday but this is the first I heard of it. My first thoughts were maybe the consultant thought they got it all out and want to confirm against a scan but then a little while later I thought maybe its the opposite and maybe they saw something they want to get a closer look at? I know it may be a long shot but has anyone had a CT scan so soon after Lletz treatment and why is it they scanned you? I hate this unknown, its been about a month now of “do you/don’t you” and I’m starting to get sick of all the hospital appointments. The last GA really knocked me sideways too :frowning: Any past experiences would be gratefully received. I’m just trying to get into the mind of my consultant and figure out what’s going on inside her brain! xx

Hi, I don't know what the lletz treatment is or what it entails -sorry! Re the scans - if it is confirmed as being cc you will need to get use to these and the appointments I'm afraid! You practically end up living there I did and hated it! Also blood tests you need to get use to them they like taking blood!

i had a scan once ct I think it was I've had that many! When I saw my doctor for the results they had commented on the wrong part of the scan and offered no helpful information - I think they commented on my chest part of the scan and offered nothing on my pelvis where the cancer is and offered no information as to if it had grown or shrunk, so due to this I had to have another one! This maybe what's happened for you? Although the doctor can see the  they have not performed the scan so only have what is given to them - it's like me having a present wrapped up you can see i have it and know what it is but only  know what is inside.

i pray it's not cancer for you and I hope it's good news

Hiya! :-)

I think they call it 'leaving no stone unturned' :-) When I was having my pre-treatment tests I had a CT scan of the head!

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ive had 2 LLETZ in the last 6 weeks, one under local and one general. I had my CT scan 3 days after the second one. They did my chest, abdo and pelvis, I was told it was to see if the cancer had spread.


I had ct and MRI after my LLETZ so they can be more sure what they're looking at. Just part of the big picture x