Lletz treatment 4 months ago worried

Sorry if this is long... i am 25 and 4 months ago (in jan) I had a coloscopy and lletz treatment done. No problems up until now. Recently as in the last 6 days I have experienced light bleeding (red/pinish in colour not brown) with mild cramps on one side and today directly above my pelvic bone. Not painful enough to miss work! I am on the pill (ovranette) and I am not due to finish taking these for another 4 days. I have not missed a pill and take them at the same time everyday.I have not had any problems until now. I have also been with my partner for 4 years so no worries about sti. Should I see my gp? Any idea why I am experiencing this pain and bleeding?

Hi Lou,

I can't give you any answers but I would say that it's always best to pop to your doctors and let him know your conerns.  They can check everything out and put your mind at rest.

Tess xx