LLETZ - Travel Insurance Nightmare

Hey ladies!

So, I am due to go the abroad next weekend (16 days after LLETZ) and have been told that my travel insurance company will not underwrite any medical risk that relates directly or indirectly to my recent treatment. This therefore means that they refuse to cover any costs that may occur due to the LLETZ. This for example would include the obvious such as infection, haemorraghing, blood tests... but it also would extend to, for example, if you had a panic attack (due to associatd worry) and fainted and hit your head.

What the provider told me was that until you were no longer under investigation for cervical issues, you would not be covered. For example, if you are awaiting results in 4-6 weeks, travel insurance will not cover you until at least then. 

I just thought I would post this as I know its the summer and people are travelling abroad lots. I just would hate for anyone to fall sick abroad and find out that they have been lumped with a massive bill at the end of it. 

As if we didnt have enough to worry about!!!!! :( :(

Question therefore is.... Has anyone successfully found an insurer who will cover this risk?


Hiya :) my son has a pre existing medical condition so I tend to put details into compare websites for travel insurance, I found that when typing in the conditions box that dyskarosis came up as an option for myself, there are a lot of companies that will cover for this x


I have found lots of companies that will cover me but exclude cancer or anything related to my cancer diagnosis. I have however found a company that will cover me, slightly more expensive but for me it's peace of mind, they are called stay sure tel: 0800 033 4902 they specialise in covering over 50's but don't be put off i was 37 when I first used them.