Lletz tomorrow

Hiya Im going in for lletz treatment tomorrow and my nerves are starting to kick in now...I'm going for treatment due to a borderline smear but biopsy confirmation of CIN2. I'm just wondering really if lletz is my only option? does anyone know if there is any other treatments I can chose like lazer or anything or is lletz the only treatment offered these days? 

Thanks :D

some gynaecologists do cold coagulation, or some also freeze the cells I think. These options, as far as I know,  are fairly similar in most respects but less invasive; there are advantages and disadvantages to both'x

Hi, if you don't feel comfortable having the lletz you should have a chat with them tomorrow, i know they do do a laser treatment and also a cold freeze thing? I have had 3 lletz so far and it isn't as bad as it seems, it's uncomfortable and you may feel slight discomfort for a day or so. Hope everything goes ok x 

I have had 2 LLETZs done in the last 1,5y and they were both fine. Your doctor knows what he/she is doing and recommended the best treatment. LLETZ is not painful at all and it is over in 5minutes (obviously do not watch the screen :). You can also chose to wait to see if the CIN2 improves as in 40% or so of cases it goes back to normal (depends on if you have high risk HPV or not)

Good luck