LLETZ tomorrow..looking for recovery stories/advice

Hey all

Scheduled for LLETZ tomorrow and Im off work Friday, supposed to go back on Saturday.  I know the info leaflets etc say you should be fit for work the next day, but was just wanting to ask you guys who have been through it how accurate that recovery information is and how long it took you to get back on your feet. Any info/advice would really help. Thanks X



Hi Miss H25. I had mine done on a Monday afternoon (so took a half day from work). I was sore afterwards (like bad period pain) so I phoned the office and said I wouldnt be in on Tuesday because I was pre-empting that the pain was going to get worse and didnt know when the bleeding would start. I had the same pain on Tuesday (not worse...just the same), so although I probably could have dragged myself to work, it was nice to be able to relax and snuggle up on the sofa so i would be right as rain for work the next day (which I did). Now, from the Monday evening I had an awful headache, temperature and shivering, which I still have 9 days later. I phoned the hospital that did the LLETZ and got to speak to the doctor that did it. I explained my symptoms and said I thought I had an infection. She said that becuase I had no bleeding (I still dont) that my symptoms are not a sign of infection in relation to the procedure and was probably something viral (which, in fairness I have had several times before). But I do find it a very high co-incidence that I happen to come down with this 'viral thing' within hours of having the procdure done. 

Good luck with tomorrow anyway! 

Hi, I have had Lletz done twice and it was painless both times, i could not even feel the numbing needles :). (The doc put local anaesthetic on the area.). I did not have any bleed/discharge straight after, the discharge started the next day but nothing serious. I had a little bit of period pains straight after but nothing that required painkillers and drove myself home on both occassions. Went to work the next day. It was easier/less painfull/stressful than going to the dentist :). Just relax, do not stress and you will be fine :). 

Similar story myself really, i took the day off as i work long shifts, was able to go back to work the next day. I had two lots of treatment and the first time round pain was like mild period pains, and second time round more like a painful period (they took more away that time),but all settled with regular pain relief and my hot water bottle. Good luck tommorow!

Thanks guys. Its so much better hearing from people who have actually been through the procedure rather than reading a leaflet Xx

I was tired following both my Lletzes some slight discomfort but didn't warrant pain killers I had an afternoon appointment for one so took the following day off and had a morning appointment for the other and went back to work the next day. Had some funky discharge for about 5days after as the site cleaned itself. It's 3 weeks today since my 2nd lletz I've had some bleeding and period pain since last Thursday so have my feminax handy. Other than that no problems I honestly prefer Lletz and punch biopsies to fillings at the dentists or having my implant rod removed! 

I took a couple of feminax an hour before my first Lletz but didn't bother last time. I take my own pads for after wards as hospital ones are hideous things. I also take Andrex wipes to freshen up before and after the procedure. I'd also suggest comfy pants and bottoms.

Oh and don't forget to wear clean socks! Your feet are right next to the doctors head!

Haha good advice. Thanks x

Hi ladies,


Just after some more feedback from this! I'm in Australia.. receiving really mixed messages.

I had my LLETZ under general anaesthetic on Wednesday 25/2. Back at work today 27/2. I feel totally fine, have felt fine from pretty much straight after the procedure except for some very minor cramps the first hour or two post. Otherwise I felt back to normal straight away. I have had very minimal bleeding, just a light discharge.

I have been advised by a close friend who is also an OB that I should be able to return to exercise about 72 hours post procedure. My OB/GYN who did the procedure advised I could return to exercising when bleeding had stopped (but I haven't really had any), which she suggested may be about a week.

I normally train at the gym 6x per week (3x heavy weights session, 2x boot camp/PT sessions, 1x HIIT session). It's KILLING me not to be able to exercise, and the thought of having to take 4 weeks off like I've read online is unthinkable!!!


Is it ok to start going back to some light training in the next few days (walking/low impact cardio) and then build up again next week to my normal training regime?

What are the risks of exercising, considering I feel perfectly normal?

Hi, I had the same experience as Kattykat. The only difference being my hb thought that 2 days of high fever is worth a trip to gp.

so I did and was given some antibiotics and felt right as rain in less than 12 hours.  Still not 100% but nothing like the headaches or the chills I was suffering with in the first 2 days.  

So my advice is, if something does not feel right, it probably isn't. The doctors are responsible to provide duty of care especially after such an invasive treatment like lletz. in any case, good luck and hope the procedure goes well tomorrow.



Hi Kayelle,

As far as I can gather the LLETZ causes a scab to form on the cervix, as the cervix heals under the scab the scab will eventually fall off. It may however fall off early in which case you will bleed a little. The more vigorous excercise you take the more likely you are to knock the scab off. When you do that you set back the healing process so it takes longer over all. I would think that there is no problem at all with walking but I'd put off jogging for a bit and weights for a bit longer. This is my guess, which comes more from being old than from personal experience.

Be lucky