LLETZ tomorrow; feeling scared

Hi All,

So I have my LLETZ procedure tomorrow morning under local anasthetic and I'm having really last minute nerves. I have been terrified about this for weeks now, but now its actually tomorrow I cannot think about anything else. I'm terrified of needles, and worrying about allsorts including what if the local doesn't work and I can still feel whats going on. I know people have far worse situations than this and I appreciate that, however this is one of the toughest things I have had to face. I can't wait for it all to be over, and I will be so proud of myself if I can get it done and can start enjoying life properly again. The last thing I want is to be told that I have to have it under General if I can't keep myself together tomorrow, so I really need tips and last minute motivation on how to keep calm.


I feel a lot of sympathy: I am waiting for my punch biopsy results and was told GA would be best if I'm to have LLETZ because I am nervous. But that really isn't what I want! I don't know if it's a bit late to suggest this, in terms of getting access to GP appointment, but have you considered benzodiazapene (Valium-type drugs) as anxiety relief? My GP has been happy to prescribe those for my colposcopies and it was helpful.

There are breathing exercises you can do to ease anxiety: http://www.anxietycoach.com/breathingexercise.html that website is just one example; there's a lot of info out there. You could also try downloading relaxing/hypnotherapy-related MP3s. You may even be able to listen whilst the procedure takes place. I'm not sure but I don't see why not. The nurses in colopscopy clinics are lovely people. They want to make sure you are feeling okay and they will have seen thousands of nervous women. This video is associated with Jo's Trust and is very reassuring and informative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa6mq5JwfNs

You'll notice that she says the procedure is ultimately under your control. If you can still feel something, you just have to tell them. But the anaesthetic should be very effective. I completely understand the needle thing but the good thing about colposcopies etc. is that you don't have to see anything; your knees and the sheet are in the way and you can look elsewhere around the room. If you don't want to see any of the things they're using then just tell them as you go in. They will understand. Also I imagine you have had a punch biopsy in the past, as have I - surely if we have had that done (and without anaesthetic) then a thin needle and the removal of a small area of cells is no worse :) Do have a look at that video - I found it helpful xxx

Hi Emma

I totally understand how you're feeling, I've had two LLETZ treatments now and while I'm not going to kid you on and say that it's a pleasant experience, equally I don't think it is anything to be scared of.  You don't have to watch anything that is going on, I couldn't actually see even if I wanted to due to the consultant covering me up.  It is slightly uncomfortable when they administer the anaesthetic but I didn't find it to be painful.  They wait a wee while to make sure that it has plenty of time to take effect before they start doing anything and will check at the start to make sure that you can't feel anything.  You will also probably have a nurse in with you who will stand up beside you to reassure you/distract you and even hold your hand if you need it!  I just babbled nervously away to my nurse who was lovely and definitely helped to keep me distracted.  It was all done quite quickly and I felt completely fine afterwards, I got sent through to a wee waiting room after for ten minutes or so to make sure I felt okay, they gave me a biscuit and a drink and then sent me on my way as soon as I was confident I was feeling fine.  I know that it's easier for me to say try not to worry now that I've actually been through it when I know the anticipation of it can get quite nerve wracking.  You will be absolutely fine though and it will be over before you know it.  Best of luck! :)

Hi Emma

Some great advice above! It is honestly no worse than colposcopy, you won't see or feel a thing and you will have a lovely nurse at the top end being lovely. You will be absolutely fine.

Have some nice chocolate/wine/mags/films lined up as a 'well done me' treat and pat yourself on the back for being very brave and doing something way out of your comfort zone



Hi Emma

I had a LLETZ procedure on the 2/3/2015 . I was really worried and nervous about it all , i couldnt think of anything else . Even considered a GA . I took my mum with me to the hospital she was allowed to stay with me… I can honestly say it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined it to be. I didn’t know what to expect and had lots of questions .

I had a fantastic consultant who explained everything to me .like you, was worried about the local and also what to expect during and afterwards. It’s never nice having anything done but it wasn’t any worse than a colposcopy.

Remember to do some steady slow deep breathing , I found that helped me a lot . Didn’t have much pain afterwards either , slight bleeding /discharge and I now have my period a bit early .

Get lots of treats for afterwards and have your family or friends around for lots of tlc

You can do this , u will feel so proud of yourself afterwards , promise x

Best of luck, I had mine last week and honestly it wasn't so bad! The nurses don't want to hurt you and will be as patient as you need. In my case they waited a bit longer after  giving me the local because I thought I could feel something. Just hold the nurses hand and talk to her. The procedure won't be as bad as you think! The feeling of achievement you'll get afterwards is amazing, and you can treat yourself. 



Hi everyone

I'm new on here had my first colposcopy yesterday. The nurse was lovely and was trying her best to take my mind of things. I suffer with anxiety but I think the local was what set me off as they really made me feel relaxed. It was over very quickly and I was treated with lletz there and then. I could've come back but I wanted to get it over and done with. They didn't explain things to me though.

e.g. how big the area of abnormal cells were. Or what grade the consultant thought I was at. I know I am high grade but I just hope the results come back all removed and clear margins and nothing more sinister.

Keep me updated how you get on. I have light bleeding after the lletz but the pain isn't here today and I am just taking it easy.

Take care girls : )

Good luck for your LLETZ - I had one last Monday, almost a week ago, and I was a bit of a nervous wreck too but it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The doctor was lovely, as was the nurse who was assisting, and after the GA I couldn't really feel anything. It was a bit uncomfostable knowing that someone was "down there" doing God-knows-what to your cervix but after about 5-10 mins it was all over. The GA dose they gave me was quite strong and made me very shaky so they put me in a quiet room on a reclining chair afterwards do I could calm down before I went home.

If you're super nervous definitely mention it to your doc before the procedure and she'll do whatever it takes to make you feel reassured and comfortable. And as others have said, make sure you've got some cake/chocolate and magazines waiting at home when you get back and you can properly relax and take care of yourself :)