LLETZ today

Hi all, I have just signed up and yet to browse but will do this afternoon 

Im Cindy, 33, mother of 3 (14 yrs, 12 yrs and 5 yrs) and I had my LLETZ procedure done today under general anesthetic. 

I had a colposcopy done last year where I was found to be CIN3. Scared the heck out of me but glad they got onto it before it turned worse!

I had my LLETZ at 10.30 this morning (Australia) and apart from feeling a little tired and crampy,  I feel ok. A little bleeding but not too much yet. 

I have taken a little over a week off work but now feeling as though I have taken too long off! Better to be safe than sorry I guess!

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself :)


Hi Cindy :-)

Welcome to the forum! Nice weather for a week off work! Lucky girl! How do you plan to spend the week? Most of the women on this site are British so it will be interesting to find out how differently things are done in Oz

Be lucky


Hi, I had my colposcopy and LLETZ today too. Feeling very sore but I had my mirena coil inserted as well. :-( 


Thanks Tivoli, actually looking forward to going back to work to get back into routine!

How are you feeling now Jacki? Im feeling ok, a little crampy this morning which im not sure is normal 5 days after but I will keep an eye on it. Hope you're ok :)