Lletz today

Hi lovely ladies

Today i went for lletz treatment and wanted to try reassure anyone waiting.

Firstly the nurses were lovely, although i did find making small talk about christmas a little strange with my legs in the air so asked them if i coukd just lay with my eyes closed which worked for me.

Firstly a needle was used to numb the cervix, nothing too bad a slight sting sensation but nothing more than a numb mouth for tooth problems (if anything a little easier) 

The adrenaline was strange, i felt very shaky and could feel my heart beat getting faster (i think my fitbit thought i was put for a run!!) But within a few minutes it passed.

The actual procedure,  I didnt feel anything, it was like a warm feeling, obviously i could feel someone "was there" and that something "was being done" but no pain. 

Was all over in 10 mins.

7hrs on and at the moment i have slight cramping nothing too bad yet but have managed to just sit and relax all afternoon.

I do now however have to wait up to 4 weeks for the results (maybe longer due to xmas period) I will try not to let it over take my life as it has done up to this point.

I know everyone is different but if this has reassured anyone over the procedure than thats good. I certainly think my head made it a lot worse than it actually was!!

Good luck all on treatment and results


Oct 2018: abnormal smear referred for colposcopy 

Nov 2018: biopsies taken

Nov 2018: results CIN3 referred for lletz

Dec 2018: lletz done, awaiting results 

I have my lettz on the 11th of this month and this has put me at ease thank you for the post hope you get reaults back quick and good news xxx