LLETZ today... went well!

Hi ladies!

Had lletz today with consultant had my results from smear on Thurs severe dyskaryosis :( managed to get an appt through a cancellation today. Very lucky... anyway it wasn't as bad as I expected and consultant said it looked exactly as she expected from smear... she didn't see cancer thank god! I get results in four weeks but she told me not to give it another thought and she doesn't think I'll need anymore  treatment just a smear in six months so fingers crossed the biopsy agrees with her! Anyway I'm feeling so much better was out my mind with worry... just thought I'd give a positive experience.... xxxx

They won't say that if they feel different! They tol me the same, I had results Saturday and it came back cin2 no other abnormalities and a smear in 6 months! Good luck hunni xxx