LLETZ today under GA

Hello ladies

Ive just had my LLetz today under GA and having read some stories about the procedure and spoken to friends it was a positive experience in comparison. I wanted to share my story for those like me who have severe anxiety/phobia of procedures.

I won’t lie I was a wreck this morning! I cried like a baby in pre op but had an amazing consultant and nurses, all of them put my mind at ease. The consultant moved me up the list due to being a short procedure and seeing how anxious I was. Now I’m the type of person who hasn’t even been able to listen to or read what a LLetz entails as it makes me feel faint at the thought, given this I knew that having under LA would be extremely traumatic.

I’ve had 4 colposcopies all which have ended in vasovagal collapse and one took 30 mins to bring my BP back to normal. I walked up to theatre got into pre op room and had a further meltdown, lovely nurses kept me sane whilst the cannula went in, I heard the dr say he was giving me something that felt like 4 tequilas (lol) next I knew I was in recovery.

I had no idea of what’s happened, minimal pain at the moment and slight bleeding. I know it’s early days and whilst I’m thankful for my experience I do feel angry/sad that as women the first option is under LA. I read stories of how women are feeling low etc afterwards and truly think part of this is how invasive and vulnerable you are during the procedure whilst awake.

If anyone is truly worried keep pushing. I’ve had a few procedures cancelled sadly so now just the dreaded wait for results.

Wishing you all well xx

I am waiting to have a LLETZ under a GA but have been told by the clinic that I will have to wait longer to have it under GA as it is so much quicker and easier under LA. I am prepared to wait a little longer as the thought of the procedure terrifies me.

Hi Nik

Totally understand that, I’ve cancelled mine twice before they agreed to GA then had two cancellations due to covid & strikes. For me
It was worth the wait as I know it would have been really traumatic for me and didn’t want to remember the procedure at all as I can chew over things for weeks and end up having panic attacks.

Hope your surgery comes around soon and you have as good an experience as I have xxx