LLETZ today, more treatment likely


I haven’t posted since I had my colposcopy over two months ago. I had it confirmed I had high grade changes in the glandular cells (CGIN), I delayed my treatment until I had been on holiday.
I had it today, more uncomfortable than painful. The consultant said my cervix was a challenge and kept moving. Has anyone had this before? Speculum was very uncomfortable as they didn’t have a bigger one for the treatment (I had a larger speculum for the colposcopy).

I looked at what she removed and it looked quite big. She said it’s “likely” I will need more treatment and this will be under general. They will write with the results within four weeks, results will be discussed at the MDT meeting again like last time.

Feeling OK at the moment but maybe I will be sore in a few days.

I was very scared of the needle part of the local anaesthetic. I didn’t even feel or see it, which is good.

I don’t know if to think this is good news and no cancer as surely they would know from the biopsies and looking today during treatment? Wonder if it will be a cone treatment next time. Time will tell…

Thanks for reading. This forum is a God send.

Hi Nat :)

I'm glad that your treatment today wasn't too bad. I was really worried about the needle when I had mine and it wasn't bad at all!

I hope your results come back clear and that you don't need any further treatment. I've heard people say that it's harder for them to remove CGIN than CIN so perhaps that's why you were told that you will likely need more treatment.

Good luck :)