LLETZ to be performed by a nurse

Hi all

I'm booked in for LLETZ on Monday coming up - literally feel sick and anxious every time I think about it!

I have been doing lots of research and have found some worrying stuff about side effects after - aside from increased risk of miscarriage/pre-term labour, I've also found information about decreased sex drive/sensation afterwards.

People online have been saying to ensure you do your research into your doctor before having the procedure but I am having it on the NHS so I can't choose. i found out that a nurse is performing mine - I'm just a bit worried as I expected it to be a consultant/gynaecologist. 

Is it the norm for a nurse to perform these procedures and would it be acceptable to ask how many she has done beforehand? 

I really don't want to be rude or offensive at all, I'm just worried about the after-effects and feeling super anxious about it all.


I had Lletz in April and was done by a nurse colposcopist and she was absolutely brilliant. The procedure its self isn't bad at all, I really worked myself up so I know how you're feeling. Let them know how you're feeling they will be very understanding. I've not had any side effects from the procedure. I know many people who have had Lletz and have gone on to have healthy pregnancies with no problems. They will be able to give you more information on this at your appointment. 
Hope everything goes well xx

I can't speak to pregnancy after Lietz, but I had a cold knife cone biopsy two years ago, which is more invasive than a Lietz, and I suffered no sexual side effects at all. Things were just as they were before after I gave myself the six weeks to heal.

It's not rude or offensive at all to ask the question - something I might do by ringing the department beforehand rather than waiting until your appointment.

One way to look at it is that a gynaecologist deals with women's reproductive systems more widely and doesn't just do colposcopy/lletz whereas a nurse colposcopist just does that so she may actually be more experienced at performing them than a gynaecologist.

As for the sexual side effects, I can't say that the earth moved for me the first time I tried it as I was a bit too worried it was going to hurt to fully relax but after that time, realising that everything worked normally, sex has been just as good as before.

Hope that helps.


Thank you all ladies you’ve made me feel much better. 

Lletz is going ahead tomorrow morning and I’m trying to relax but can’t help the anxiety creeping in. Always worse when you can’t have anyone with you too.

fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow and I can be on the road to recovery. Hope you’re all doing well.