LLETZ then Pregnant

Hi All,

I hope you're all staying strong and there have been some good news stories for people on here since i last posted?

So, my wife was diagnosed with high grade moderate hoc this time last year. She went for a colposcopy and was given LLETZ there and then. Went for follow up colp in Feb and we got the results back a few weeks after the 6 month colposcopy and my wife got the all clear and has been returned to regular smear pattern now.

We also had some great news a in April and are super excited that we're going to be parents for the first time later this year :)

So, my new concern is that my wife has had some light bleeding / spotting this morning and i don't know whether this is something we should be concerned about or not. She's made the midwife aware and we've been told it is quite normal to happen occasionally during pregnancy....however...she did say that once the baby has been born my wife should ask the Doctor to arrange a smear just to be safe. 

The baby has been mainly positioned with its head low into the cervix but I guess this is quite normal?

Has anybody else been in a similar sitaution: High grade moderate dyskaryosis > LLETZ > All clear > preganancy > bleeding during pregnancy? Is it cause for concern? Is there no option for some form of smear during pregnancy to be safe?


Thanks as always

~ Worried Fiance