Lletz: the aftermath!


I'm a newbie and have been browsing the site for a couple of days since I got the letters about severe dyskaryosis and my colposcopy appointment (next Tuesday) - it's been very reassuring so thank you for all your wise words and advice so far Cool

Having spoken to the colposcopy nurse I'm fully expecting to be given a lletz treatment at the same time. I've planned to take the day off but I teach dance and fitness classes and I'm not sure if it's realistic to be doing strenuous exercise the next day. Can anyone advise as I'll need to find people to cover my classes if not... Thanks in advance for any insights - I'm feeling quite well briefed on the other gory details!


Welcome! Only time for a quick message - didn't want to read & ignore!

When I had my LLetz 4 weeks ago today I asked about exercise & was advised to undertake no aerobics, zumba, swimming or long walks for 4 weeks! I'm looking forward to exercise, never had that before! :) Might be worth getting your first week covered & then checking at your appointment.

Others may have had different advice.


Best Wishes


K x


I was told no exercise for the first 2 weeks x

Thank you both for replying so quickly - it's really  helpful. Seems I'm so desperate to down play it that I've underestimated the treatment - it's hard to know how to react... 

I'll try and organise some cover for the rest of next week and see how things go. Trying to be rational about it all...

Take care xx



Rationale is always a good start! Well done!

From my experience, the procedure itself was quick and painless - 20 mins tops. It just comes with a few restrictions to try and ensure you heal as quickly and easily as possible. If you're like me, you'll feel generally ok afterwards, perhapsa bit wobbly physically and/or emotionally for a day or so. If you can have someone with you, take them. If not, book a cab home and have a stack of DVDs and favourite foods on standby :)

Hope it goes well, keep in touch.


K x

Thank you for the encouraging words and advice. Rational is much easier said than done...

I was going to go on my own and drive there and back (only 20 mins) but maybe that's not such a good idea. I live on my own and just wanted to make as small a deal out of it as possible. I'm sure the waiting must be the worst part - hope you get your results and the all clear soon x

I'm in no way trying to "big this up" or scare you - sorry! Just letting you know its ok to take it easy :) - Yes waiting sucks!!

Oh no please don't worry, I didn't interpret your comments like that at all - I'm really grateful for your honest advice. Felt as if you were giving me permission not to try and put such a brave face on things which was almost a relief as I'm not really feeling very brave!

I've told myself that I'm not going to worry unless the Dr gives me cause to - perhaps I'm assuming too much in thinking they will have a fair idea of whether to be concerned about the lletz test results or not at the colposcopy. 

Hope that envelope arrives soon and you can put all this behind you! X

So glad, hope it all goes well. :)

my advice is don't drive I ve done both and regretted driving the second time because I felt a little unwell


Hey Amethyst,


Sorry didn't message yesterday, hope it went ok. rest well!



So kind of you to remember!

I'm doing fine - simply couldn't fault the Women's Unit at my local hospital - the team were so warm and reassuring and I didn't mind that I'd gone on my own at all.
 I'd had a kind of premonition that something wasn't right and had been on the look out for the reminder letter about my smear so the colposcopy was quite a relief as I knew I'd have more information to go on. The Dr showed me the abnormal area vs healthy cervical tissue - I don't know about others but seeing the screen helped to make it tangible plus it's not every day you get to be acquainted with a part of yourself you've never seen before! She decided it was treatable so I had the LLETZ on the spot (literally and metaphorically!) Aside from the slight sting of the LA it was fine - the thought is far worse than the reality.
BTW they strongly advised me not to do any strenuous exercise for 4 weeks if possible. The nurse said that aside from the obvious need to allow the cervix to heal without trauma,  getting hot and sweaty increases the risk of infection by encouraging the right environment for bacteria to thrive in. Not exactly  music to my ears but it makes good sense. 
I got the impression that  I was a routine/straight forward case - I hope I'm not confusing relief with false hope. Now the wait begins...
Hope  yours is at an end soon xxx



So glad it went well. I'm still waiting for my results but am manaing to stay fairly relaxed. If they're not here by Wednesday (6 weeks) I'm calling! :)


K x