Lletz & test of cure/HPV anxiety


I’ve been reading everyone’s experiences on here over the past few months which has really helped me.

I’ve had persistent HPV for 3 years (since my first smear), this year came back with CIN1/focal 2 so have been offered Lletz treatment which I’ll have next week.

Im already concerned though when I have my test of cure (I suffer from anxiety) In 6 months I’ll still have HPV as my body can’t seem to shift it! Just wondering what other people’s experiences have been and if your HPV has gone dormant after treatment.


I would like to know this too I ended up pregnant after the Lletz treatment and honestly stuck on what to do
I also suffer from anxiety especially health anxiety I’ve not had persistent HPV that I know off as only my third smear came back HPV and CIN3
I’ve had treatment but now pregnant and won’t get to go to my test of cure so I’m not coping with my anxiety at all can’t seem to get any information on people in same situation or how many people had negative HPV at 6 months I will be watching this post x

I’m afraid I’m no help on the experience front as my hpv was only picked up in January this year and my 6 month test of cure isn’t until the end of November (I had two lletz one in January, and one in April).

I have found this research which may give us some indication, although it looks like the sample size is fairly small. https://bmcsurg.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12893-016-0185-7

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I also had cin 1 with foci of 2. That’s only borderline for treatment, they might have watched and waited depending on circumstances. I reckon it would take a while to develop so not surprised you have had hpv for 3 years. I probably have as well ( at least)
It doesn’t sound too concerning ( that’s what I’m trying to tell myself as am in a similar position). Lletz has a good record at beating HPV.
I had mine in May so have test of cure this month. I’m quite ancient at 56. I reckon my poor body had never come across HPV as I had one partner for for ever and then hmmm didn’t

I’ve read that article.
Even as an oldie I appear to stand a chance ( jury is kind of out on that). It reports higher levels of recurrence than other studies though

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your reply!
It’s reassuring to know there are other ladies in the same situation!

I was on a “watch and wait” but I guess as you said, my body is having trouble clearing it. So actually quite glad I’m getting it removed!

Also you are not ancient!! Only as old as you feel haha! I’m 27 so hoping age will be on my side!

Good luck with your results! Let us know how you get on! Will keep everything crossed for you!

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Thank you
I have to go to hospital for my test of cure smear now as despite the best attempts of the nurse and two GP s they can’t find my cervix well enough.
Waiting for the appointment

I think 4 vaginal ( though unproblematic deliveries ) might not have helped and maybe my age/ way the Lletz affected me. Cervix has retracted right up. Not been an issue previously