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Hey :cherry_blossom:,
Where do I start?
Had a procedure a week ago today and first time having GA. I am grateful to be looked after throughout.
However I am disappointed in how many give different answers or not knowing.
I ended up in AE because I was not feeling right slightly off. Was advised because I bleed red blood. To randomly it pouring out heavy but not enough that it was overly concerning.
I do have a slight infection and some inflammation I suppose to be expected.
I was put on a IV drip with antibiotics and given a prescription of 3 lots of drugs to take ones I can’t swallow. Like why?
The Gynaecologist Ladies checked me couldn’t see the wounds bleeding. Said not sure where the blood was coming from I kind of freaked maybe it is my period and has started early or it is infection?
I am an anxious person and I ended up next day with them due to Pharmacy closing at Hospital 5 ish I think I was in A&E past that.
I can crush apparently 2 of them.
I also seem to be itching down there maybe thrust had wax prior procedure. To maybe sanitary pad also.
Bleeding stops starts guide line is not clear to reality check.
How can NHS not have people to talk to about this and what to expect etc.
I am surprised at that part.
I have not take medication yet was wondering why so many but apparently want to hit me hard with it at the start. Fair enough? Again no one talked me through this especially if you have concerns or other medication.
They say you should rest but I do like to walk to get fresh air. I also have to tidy up after I eat or prepare lunch. That makes you tired how can anyone go to work etc with this. Lucky not started new job yet but this sucks at moment with good reason. I do await my results that is just as scary. I had HPV CIN 1 small CIN 2. I pray they removed the little critters completely. Because my body deserves better luxury from now on.
I hope I made sense just woken up. And things do play on mind to how I am also feeling at the moment.
Thank you for reading and replying if able. And I hope wish good health all round because you all so deserve Xx :love_letter:

Medication given:
Metronidazole 400mg Tablets eat with food but take 1 3 times a day for 7 days. Can be crushed
TRANEXAMIC ACID 500mg Take 2 3 times a day for 3 days can be crushed
CefALEXin 500mg take 1 3 times a day for
7 days swallow
Also all close together or separately? Silly question but never taken so many drugs in one day like this before either?!