Lletz talk about sanitary towels


This post goes out to all the sanitary towels newbies/refresher coursers like me out there.

How are you all getting on? I never thought I’d miss tampons so much! Apart from a couple of days using sanitary towels when I started my period 30 years ago, I’ve never used one since. I had to Google how to use one! I had no clue which way round the wider bit was supposed to go.

I tried different brands. Always and Wooooooah Bodyform (can’t read the wrappers without singing the song).

I hated the smell of scented ones. Wings felt weird but non-wings ended up halfway round my bum. Oh day I woke up with my belly button nicely covered :joy:

Then there’s the sensation of something extra in your pants! That’s so odd to me too.

And then… how many of the darn things to buy? And in which genre - normal, ultra?

Anyone else having an interesting time with towels? I’m laughing my way through it but I feel totally clueless I have to say!

Wishing you all a speedy recovery whether you’re a towel expert or a towel beginner! X

you might do better with period pants and you can just wash them , that way you wont have to wear a sanitary pad at all, if you cant get those then try find unscented organic cotton ones they will be the least uncomfortable i think tesco do some

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Ok, this made me laugh lol I’m a tampon girl also and will be having my LEEP on Thursday! Going tomorrow to purchase pads and have been researching them off and on all day today because there’s SO MANY to choose from I had no idea. I spoke with a friend today who has had treatment about 6 months ago, she wore “regular” pads throughout the day and then thicker “overnight” ones while sleeping as she said she was worried about leaking while asleep.

So im still lost as to what to purchase! I hope your recovery is going well and youre doing alright :slight_smile: thanks for the laugh!

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I am 100000% a tampon girl although I’ve not had a period since 2017 so towels totally blew my mind.i mean, who do you ask about this stuff at aged 42?
I went with always standard and long with wings as recommended by my bestie. I also got some period pants which have been awesome!
I have vowed never to use towels again once this is over but hope that my experience is of some use to others!

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I’m also a tampon user and I hate pads. The most comfortable ones I found are always platinum. You can get them in a long size and the material they use is softer than the regular pads.

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I always found (when I had periods - havent had one for years because I take the Cerelle pill, result!), that the bleeding was lighter at night, I think because you are horizontal the blood doesnt flow ‘down’ as strong as if you are vertical (upright all day), also your breathing slows down at night so your heart is not pumping blood round as vigorously as during the day, I may be wrong with my theory but its what I’ve found!