Lletz talk about it

It occured to me, sitting here in the waiting room for my Lletz LA that i would probably feel less genuinely terrified if i could know some exact accounts of other peoples experiences. Having read about the procedure and some people's comments on here i am dreading the adrenaline the most and also scared of the result as i have had some seriously dodgy things going on recently and had already had my 3 biopsies upgrade to cin 2/3 when they originally said cin 1. 

So here goes, a real time account as best i can for one example of a LA lletz experience.

Just been called in and they showed me some scribbles on a cervix map to show how much they are taking. "Just this bit here" they say but to me it looks like at least half of the surface area! Argh! Of course to the professionals (bearing in mind that i am an NHS professional myself) half the surface area is just a tiny bit compared to the full width and depth of a cervix. Breathe Magick, just breathe.

Off with the trousers and undies now, i had the foresight to wear a looooong top so no need to wrap a sheet around me at least. Makes much easier to walk.

Up into the chair and, being a rather big-bottomed lass, the blasted seat section of the chair slides out when they ask me to lean back. Cue lots of bum-shuffling backwards. 

The assistants are lovely and very genuine, no hairdresser talk and of course when ever they ask if im ok i say "im fine!" Even though my palms are sweaty and I'm shaking like a leaf. 

The chair has neen tilted right back now and if i wasnt so worried i could easily go to sleep. 

I say that im worried about the adrenaline that ive read about as i dont like how it makes me feel, at which point i am told that ive no need to worry as they dont use adrenaline with their local anaesthetic. Phew, wish i called to discuss my worries now as it would have really eased my mind.

"This is the hardest bit for you now" i am told as they are going to inject 3 areas with local, wait a moment then inject a few more a bit deeper when the first lot has kicked in. "Sharp scratch" they say as an assistant holds my hand. Sharp scratch, hurts, no lie but only for a second. Or 3 seconds as i have 3 injections. Then down to business.

"You will hear a sound like a hoover" as they hold a long clear tube. No idea what they are going to do with that but dont want to ask. Expecting to feel nothing thanks to LA it took me by surprise that it hurt. Not hurt pain hurt but more like pushing on a bruise lind of hurt. Over by the count of 5 though and its on to the cauterisation.

 No funky smell like i have heard but it did feel warm, this was the longest part but still surprisingly quick. 

Job done, bobs your uncle, fannys your aunt and its "how do you feel?"

Dizzy for me, but this of course could be down to how worked up about it i was. They laid me back down in the chair and i could happily drift off. Very tired all of a sudden. 

In recovery now having some water and i have been given strict instructions to stay in the hospital and go for a coffee or something for at least half an hour.

Sat in costa now with a yummy iced latte and i Dont know if its the stress of worrying about this for so long (got my appointment letter 6 weeks ago) but i just cant drink it. Times nearly up though so off to the loo to check the situation, (there was an issue with my biopsies as they just wouldnt stop bleeding) and if all is good then off home, feeling equally starving and like i couldnt eat a thing.

All in all, i dont know why i worried so much, all over in half an hour amd hopefully all the bad is gone. Just waiting on a letter now.

Thank you magick, I'm booked in for Friday. You have puty mind at ease. Hoping your feeling better this evening xx

Los, glad it was helpful and good luck for today.

Have been feeling very emotional and vulnerable since the lletz 2 days ago, is this normal? Could simply be from literally baring all to the world or even subconsciously feeling sorry for myself but constantly feel like im going to break down at the drop of a hat. hubby thinks it could be relief as i was so worried about lletz. 

Barely slept a wink last night either as kept waking up worrying that i was leaking onto the bed sheets as ive never used pads before (bar post birth). Any tips for sleeping with pads? constantly worrying that it is leaking as i sleep on my side. 

Bless ya Magick i think you did really well.  I too have been really emotional and upset by this procedure.  The pads are bloody horrid too.  I am hoping that time will help with the emotions and hoping the stuff coming out goes soon.  You could put a towel under you in the bed in case you do leak, although I dont find i am losing too much.  Good luck hope you feel better soon. x


Hi girls, I had my lletz yesterday with local, I had asked for general but doc said it was too risky as I have other health issues. Said I had to have the procedure done as the cin3 cells are too risky to leave untreated. I was very anxious and wanted my questions answered. I found him a bit condescending in that he was brushing me off with a little lesson on cin and cc, I just wanted to know what my results are, in depth. Like which hrhpv strand/s etc. How much of my cervix they were going to take ?? He brushed me off but the two nurses talked me through my lab reports and i felt much more at ease. I like to know everything so I'm not as frightened. I allowed him go ahead with the lletz. I m a big woman and found positioning myself with legs akimbo very awkward. The nurses chatted away and prepared me for the procedure.they were great. Doc came back in and was very gentle. He injected my cervix and i really ony felt a tiny pinch. Then when he was doing the keep I could feel it cutting but told him just to continue, it was bearable. I felt the heat from the cauterization but that was it. He applied some paste. Think my body went onto a little shock as I started to shake uncontrollably. That was it. I sat for a few mins. The doc apologized for brushing off my questions he said he didn't want to fluster me before the procedure and that he would answer my questions as soon as I was dressed. Was very tired after it but went home and rested. He prescribed antibiotics as a precaution. Im not bleeding, is that normal or am i in for a downpour?If I ever had to have it done again I won't be as nervous. It was more fear of the unknown. Hope this helps. Xx

Hi Los,

Glad your procedure went well, ive bled a bit but nothing major, after a week or so its supposed to be heavy though so we'll see! Physically i feel ok, slight cramping but nothing to write home about, emotionally though i am a train wreck. keeping breaking down in floods randomly, my poor 7 year old just rubs my back and asks if i need a nap. Bless her little cotton socks. Just feel permanently on the edge of tears then feel like a pillock for crying which makes me feel worse, vicious cycle. Scottish dancing came on the telly earlier and that did it, for goodness sake! Supposed to be back at work wed so hpoefully will be holding it together by then. 

Ive been given anti-bios as a precaution before, nothing to worry about and worth taking. I understand your anxiety though and i would have wanted to know exactly what was going on before rather than after the procedure too! 

Pads suck but am dealing with it, the first few days were awful though, waking in the night paranoid about leaking but never did. Just another thing to worry about! Jen, i havent been particularly losing much just worried as not used to it i think. Have accepted it as my way of life for the next few weeks now though!




It is great to read everyones experience so I thought I would share my experience as I am sure someone will read this at somepoint and have the same situation.

When I was 25 years I went straight for my smear test. After the news of Jade Goody seemed so public I decided that this amazing free quick non pain screening of a smear is so vital and priceless. Honestly first if people want to aoid it then you really need to re think. We in the UK have this offered to us, some others are not so lucky.

Anyway I am not the time to sleep with many men so I was all cleared and knew I was ok.

Then a year later 26 years I went for another smear, all clear.

Then later in the year I decided to go for a private smear and HPV full body blood test . - all clear.

I was told to await 3-5 years for my next smear as I was fine no problem.

So this year - 5 years later I went for my smear.

It actually hurt them and they had to get a smallrer size part so then the alarm bell rang.

The lady said dont worry your be fine. I hate that as I know that normally is again not a good sign.

I literally had a call within 10 days to say I had to come on for a colo but the lady said 'dont worry it is not cancer' - I felt numb- was she just sayiing that when she knew it probably was? 

So I went the lady was so lovely, we should be greatful for the NHS short resources. The plaster was put on my leg and I felt the adrenaline.Just to point out they speak bfre going through your cycle etc. She said to me that normally younger people have this, so again should I be worried?

Anyway it was painless, again I wouldnt worry compared to what some go through it is nothing, we need to be strong. it is amzing how it can show these cells so be grateful and feel lucky!!!

then I did shake with the adrenaline and went home after. 

I actually went shopping then came home to rest. I had mild bright pink discharge for 9 days after. I rested. I must say I love swimming so this has been really tough.

I did have to work from home as I found when I was driving a long distance i would have pains and then I started to bleed 9 days after. I then got really weak. then 13 days after I had to get an emergency appointment as I couldnt stop extreme bleeding, the toilet was a pool of blood. I was given anti biotics. I went to the doctor but I was really disappointed as I had to explain the op I had as they had no notes on their system and the doctor who was the director of the practicw didnt know!!!She did a swob, that really was painful as i was told not to put naything up there .I wish now I would of gone to the hospital and requested antiboitics, or why dont they give them after the treatment?

so now i am taking two tpes of anti for 5 days. luckily i feel clear and not bleeding. i am back to discharge. it is 3 weeks and i still awaiting my results from my CIN3 Abnormal cell result. it is really tough. 

im trying to stay strong but sometimes i just think gosh was 5 years too late? then i think who i was with and it is a dangerous path so i wouldnt think too much!

the nurse said the lady is currently on Annual leave and hadnt got my results yet..though they did say within 4 weeks so I guess I have to wait another week. I am lucky to be able to rest and not dirve as that eally seems to hurt me, i am missing exercise but if it is a small time to not workout or have sex it is ok !

I do think I have cancer but i have to wait. Surely with CIN 3 that has suddenyl appeared and an infection I can only think the worst! 

anyway I hope this helps people with time frames and my experience. the smear test is a walk in the park!


Went to the docs this afternoon, not sleeping and emotions going wild. Received histology report from lletz of squamous metastasis but still waiting on cytology for report of margins. 


Magick sending big virtual hugs. X