LLETZ symptoms/infection?


I am new to the site but I have been trying to find out whether my symptoms are normal and at the moment all I seem to find is completely differing answers so thought I would try here. 

TMI coming right up... 

So I had my LLETZ 11 days ago, everyday since I have had a small amount of brownish blood which is kinda watery in consistency, (kinda smells unusual but not vial, SO sorry) . However, in the past 2/3 days I have had a constant ache in my lower abdomen, I am getting the same small amounts of watery blood but it is now bright red.

My first question is, is it normal to have bright red blood around this time due to the scabbing coming off? and is having a constant stomach ache something I should be concerned about or something just to watch and see if anything gets worse.

Thanks in advance :)


I would advise going to your GP you might have an infection and need some antibiotics. Even if you get checked over and they say it's all part of the healing process at least then you will feel reassured. 

Good Luck! X

Hi I had mine done 16 days and on the 11th day my back was killing me, I went to the doc yesterday and she checked my urine sample and it showed a kidney infection(never had one before) I'm on antibiotics and has ease a bit today, I think you should ring ur gp just to be on the save side, I did have cramps for the 2 weeks and the discharge has been the colours of the rainbow and only stopped 2 days ago,