LLETZ side effects


I had LLETZ procedure almost a week ago. Has anyone else experienced extreme tiredness and no appetite afterwards?

I am also on antibiotics for infection but just seems like I have had an extreme reaction considering they said safe to go back to work a day later! I’ve had one day off sick this week because I just didn’t feel up to going in at all.

You’re not alone at all, a lot of people report they felt really tired afterwards. I was absolutely shattered and very emotional for a good few days after mine, I worked the day after from home but in hindsight it was too soon.
Your body has been through a lot so take the time you need to recover but if something doesn’t feel right give your doc a call? Antibiotics can make you feel a bit yuck too i think.
Hope you feel better soon x

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Lots of similar experiences on this thread : https://forum.jostrust.org.uk/t/lletz-i-feel-disgusting/49466

Hope you feel better soon xx

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