LLETZ - should I be seeing my doctor for my post check or just a normal smear?

Hi Ladies,

I had my LLETZ in December for CIN2, it appears the removal was succesful and I was booked in for colposcopy this coming June as a check up.

I have just had a letter saying that I am seeing a different doctor, so I called and asked why and they told me that I am just having a smear not a colposcopy or seeing the doctor that has been with me for the whole process. I just really don't think that sounds right, and I don't feel confident that someone who doesn't know me or who has been a part of the journey with me can just pop me on the bed give me a quick smear and tell me it's all ok? 

Surely I should be seeing my doctor who can have a look at everything, tell me if the scarring has healed and then do everything for me? Am I right or just being padantic?


Thank you xxx