lletz results

Hi, I have recently had a lletz loop procedure after finding CIN3. I am 24 and had my first smear in October, biopsies taken in November and now the lletz 3 days ago. I was woundering how others have felt when they have received similar news I know a lot of people have a lot worse results but I feel like I’m worrying constantly struggling sleeping and since the lletz I have felt constantly sick and had mirgraines. I have tried to get a Drs app but they don’t seem to want to know, I don’t know if I’m worrying about nothing or whether I should push the Drs to get an app. I’m due back at work tomorrow but really don’t feel ready to return. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Hi Hun first off I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful time, believe me I know exactly what it's like. I ended up crying to my boss at work about everything I was so worked up! If I was you I would push for an appointment with your GP to talk things over, just call and explain you're really anxious and having trouble sleeping and need to speak to them. I spoke to my GP about it and she was really nice, she even drew me a diagram to show me that what I have isn't cancer and how far it was away from being it.

What helped me a lot is realizing how common CIN really is. Everyone I've confided in knows at least one woman who has at least 1 abnormal smear. One girl I spoke to had CIN 2 and so did 3 of her friends, one of my best friends had CIN 3, my boyfriends sister had 2 friends with CIN 3 and all had treatment and were fine afterwards. 2 people I spoke to had CIN 10-15 years ago and never had any further problems after being treated. Both went on to have children, one had twins.

I also called my consultant and spoke to his secretary when I had googled loads and got myself in a massive state, she said I would be absolutely shocked at how many women call them worried about CIN. At the end of the day like my mum said when she and my gran were younger they probably had this and never knew because smears weren't really done then, but they never would have known about it. Sometimes I wonder if it's really a good thing that things are caught so early because of the anxiety it's caused me, then I realize for small chance i have of getting cancer im glad it's been picked up. We are in the system now after all and it gives me peace of mind to know I'm going to be more closely monitored.

My advice is to talk to people as much as possible, the jos trust helpline is also great if you call them and explain everything about how you are feeling, they've spoken to so many women in our position and will really help reassure you. Good luck xxx