Lletz results

Hi Everyone,

I had a Lletz treatment just under 4 weeks ago for cin 2, I got a letter today from the consultant which is a copy of the the one sent to the GP I will write it out as its wrote on the letter

As you are aware this patient has recently undergone treatment to the cervix for high grade changes. Histology has confirmed these changes
I therefore am discharging her back to your care and I would be grateful if you could repeat her smear in 6 months and request HPV as a test of cure. If these are negative she can then return to normal recall.

I am just wondering this doesn’t state whether they got clear margins or not from my Lletz, should I just presume this is the case?? Should I ring my GP on Monday to explain this a little better??
Thanks in advance for any advice offered

it all sounds like good news! Perhaps ring your GP or clinic for clarification of youre still worried though. I doubt they would have discharged you if there were further concerns x

That sounds quite positive xTerrix!!

I agree with the above, I would probably speak to your GP just to get exact clarification.

Mine was CIN 3 without clear margins and I have to go back to COLP for smear and colposcopy and test of cure with Gynae consultant (although my letter said she thought it would be fine)

So it think you can assume you  have clear margins :-)