LLETZ results

Im sorry for posting so much today I've just had my results from clinic over the phone they didn't go into detail but basically she said my lletz results showed no abnormalities whatsoever. I want to be happy about this but I can't because of how confused I am. My smear test showed high grade, I had one biopsy done at colposcopy 6 months ago which came back Cin 3. Since then I have had 3 different colposcopy appointments but treatment couldn't be done at that point for various reasons.  Each time I had the iodine test done which bought out the abnormalities which I saw myself on screen. My last colposcopy appointment the consultant told me the abnormal cells had gone into my cervix and she was "proud of herself" for picking them up. How can my results come back normal? Not just normal but absolutely no abnormalities at all on the tissue removed. I asked her if they could of removed the wrong part and she said no because they would of added iodine to show the cells that needed removing but if there were no cin and iodine shows up cin how can the iodine test be a justified back up to them not removing the wrong bit? Is it possible one of my results were wrong? If so how could they get my smear and biopsy wrong? I'm so so confused and I feel kind of angry I feel like I've gone through this whole thing for nothing and ive been worried sick for weeks and months for nothing? Has anybody else gone through this? I'm sorry I know this could of been alot worse but I just feel like I've had the most ridiculous explanation ever. Apparently there will be a mixed matched meeting between consultants in another 3 weeks about my results. After waitin this long to get treatment and results I just want answers now. 

No one then :( lol