LLETZ results

Hi I'm new to this, I'm only 24 but had a smear a few months ago followed by a phonecall from my doctor & a hospital appointment to have a biopsy, I was terrified to say the least. Finally I received a letter for my appointment at colposcopy. Everything went fine & the consultant made me feel at ease. She then pointed out my abnormalities & that because of where they were situated I would have to have it removed under GA, I asked immediately did I have cancer & she reassured me I didn't. anyhow 3 weeks later I went for the LLETZ procedure as far as I was concerned everything went well (I was being treated for cin3) & I have recovered in 4 weeks after light bleeding & discharge... Well last week I had a missed call from the hospital & I rang back immediately to be told I have to attend an apt tomorrow morning. I rang my doctor straight away & she has not received any results yet but told me she had a hunch they may have found something but said she is in the dark as much as I am So couldn't say for sure as she has not received anything other than my biopsy which confirmed cin3.. I don't know what to expect to hear & I have done nothing but cry, I've been reading up so much & I know if its anything it has been caught in the early stages but it's still scary!! can anyone shed some light I don't understand any of this 

Hi Natasha, I know it’s easier said than done but try not to worry too much. You are getting help from the right place and I really hope that all is well for you, please remember we are all here to support you. Like yourself I had my smear and was cn3, I also needed GA but I am still awaiting my results, the wait is awful! I will be thinking of you when you go to the hospital. Keep us posted and I’m sure others on this forum will be able to support you and share any advice needed.
Jules xx

Thank you Jules, I have been reading these forums for some weeks now trying to find answers. Nice to have ppl who can truly understand as scary as it is. 

Hi Natasha, I'm sorry you're going through this, it's so horrible not knowing. All the best for today and take comfort in knowing you're in good hands. Let us know how it goes. Big hugs xxx

Hi Natasha,

Just also want to offer you some sympathy and big hugs. Will be thinking of you xx

Well I got bad news & good ... They did find a very small area of cancer microscopin, however they removed it all during my LLETZ. I am all clear & nothing to worry about but she wants to remove another bit from my cervix before I go on holiday so I am booked in 17th August for another procedure just to be extra safe. Huge sense of relief just so lucky I went when I did. Thank you for your kind words xx

Natasha, sorry to hear that, but happy for you too. It's great that they are confident you will be all clear :-) Hope everything goes well and you have a quick recovery xx