Lletz Results?

Hi everyone.
I have just had Lletz and I’m awaiting results. I’d originally had a biopsy on the area which showed Cin 2/3. What results am I expecting to get from the Lletz?
I’m a control freak and need to know all scenarios. TIA.
I hate not knowing. xx

Hi Jordo,

Unfortunately no-one can tell you what results you’re going to get - but when you get the results they will do two things:

  1. tell you what stage of cells were found in the tissue they removed (probably CIN2 and CIN3, but the tissue will be thoroughly biopsied)
  2. tell you whether they found ‘clear margins’. Clear margins means that the abnormal cells did not extend to the edge, and therefore potentially outside, the area of tissue removed by the LLETZ, but were contained neatly within the sample.

Clear Margins (2) is what you want to hear - it means they ‘got it all’. This is good, and once you’ve recovered from the LLETZ, which can take a few weeks, you will be placed on a regular follow up, and checked to see that you’re not showing any more abnormal cells. This is called ‘test of cure’. If the margins are not clear, you’ll be recommended for further treatment, which could be another LLETZ, or something else, depending on the result of (1).

With (1), you’re hoping for mainly CIN2 with some CIN3, but nothing cancerous. IF they find any cancer cells in the biopsy you will definitely be sent for further treatment and what this entails may well be discussed by an MDT - so medical diagnostic team - where the experts put their heads together and make sure they do the best thing possible to CURE you - worst case scenario would probably be recommendation of a hysterectomy or something lesser if you’re young and want children. But you’re a LONG WAY from that at the moment.

So waiting is the the thing now - horrid, isn’t it - but that’s the two things you’ll be looking out for, and that’s what you’re looking at. You may well have to wait quite a few weeks over Christmas and the new year, so take a deep breath, concentrate on pampering and looking after yourself, and what will be will be. Xx


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. That has really helped me to understand. I wondered why I had to have results from the lletz if the biopsy showed what it was. Hopefully they got it all. She said it was quite straightforward.
I think I was more concerned that it came back as cin 2/3 after the Colposcopist said it just looked viral to her.
I will put it somewhere in a box in my mind and concentrate on Christmas.
Merry Christmas and thank you again x

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Hi Jacks133.
You were so helpful when I posted last time. It doesn’t say anything here about clear margins?
I have tried to photograph the letter but its too large to download.

This is what it says…

We have received the results from the LLETZ treatment performed on the 8th December 2022. I apologise this has taken a long time. The LLETZ has been reported as showing mild, moderate and severe abnormality (CIN 1, CIN 2 & CIN 3), in keeping with your cervical biopsy.

We will discuss these results and decide upon your future management at our next specialist colposcopy clinical team meeting on the 24th February 2022. I will write again on the same day as the meeting, to provide you with more information.

Yours sincerely…

Im guessing its not clear? What do you think?

I phoned up but the receptionist just said I only have a week so just hold your breath!!

Thanks so much in advance

Jordo xx

Hi Jordo,

Mmm, yes that’s tantalising information in that it tells you what they found in terms of CIN - so all three stages - but nothing else which would indicate a way forward. The important thing for you is that there is no cancer in the the sample. this is good! The fact that the letter talks about ‘future management’ is good, rather than saying ‘further treatment’. I would try to be positive. When they’ve had the meeting (which is not long) you should get a much better picture from the next letter. It sounds to me like the doctor wants to make sure he or she is presenting the correct information to you, and therefore doesn’t want to say more than they have to.

Once you get the new letter, if it doesn’t talk about the margins it may use terms like ‘confident all abnormal cells were removed’ (which implies clear margins - or they may be unsure in which case your follow up will probably be quick.

I hope you’re all healed up from the LLETZ now and not having any ongoing symptoms or bleeding. Let us know when you get the next instalment, but until then - keep positive! X

Hi Jacks133.
Thank you so much for your response. Im guessing you can have further LLETZ or something after your initial LLETZ?

Please don’t ever stop doing what you do. You answer so many peoples concerns on this forum. You really are a special lady.

Thank you :blush: