LLETZ results

finally got my results after a big delay (was told they were sending them as urgent so should get them within 7-10 days). Come back as severe CGIN & I'll need another lletz as they haven't all been removed. Anyone had a replete LLETZ? They said they will do it under general anaesthetic this time x

Had lletz same day as you.. Four weeks since treatment today so called up and they said four weeks is too early but my results are still with the doctor. When I asked is she thought id recieve them within the next couple of weeks she asked me to be patient. Clearly they don't realise how stressful all of this is :( 

Hi Ladies,

i had my treatment and procedure the same day as you and I am still waiting for my results. Called last Wednesday and they had them and said I would have them in due course. Still no letter. Left 2 messages today and no reply. My postman must think I am mad.

i am hoping no news is good news but until I have the letter in my hand I can't help but worry. It is very stressful. Fingers crossed for results soon. 

Lemoncat, I know that many people have had repeat Lletz but I can't advise from personal experience. Sorry I couldn't be more help.