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Hi there

I had my first smear test 3 4 weeks ago and it came back as high grade I went for what I thought was a coposcopy  but had the lletz biopsy whilst I was there.. I am now nervously awaiting the results but can't stop having panic attacks and can't sleep at all.. should I be worried??



Calm down dont panic number 1! Some people have lletz treatment there and then on the day. Some people have colposcopy and punch biopsy then a lletz after results back. Some have a mini lletz just to take the biopsy. What did they say did they say anything about what CIN they thought it was 1,2,3? 

Really dont worry if it is CIN it is precancer and this treatment is to prevent you getting cancer. One step at a time as i tell everyone i focus on each step...forget whilst waiting for results lifes too short to waste worrying. Its been in your body however long and you didnt know x

They didn't say.. she just said I was to have the treatment there and then and went ahead. I had a bleed and was packed and I'm left feeling like I don't know how to feel. I know I shouldn't but I can't help think the worst. My partner or anyone else don't know how I feel but when I'm alone I keep breaking down and having panic attacks. I'm so scared and don't know how I'm going to get through the next few weeks on my own

Aww murphy well it sounds as though they did the treatment there and then. All i can say is if thats the case whatever it was its no longer inside you :) so thats a really good thing!

We are so lucky in this country to have the nhs if you lived somewhere else u may have to pay or they would never have even picked up on it so look at it from a positive.


Your not alone some many women have been through are going through and waiting to go through this now very common procedure. Try talking to people that u are close to. I donr know how old u are u maybe surprised how many of your friends have been through a similiar experience most of my best friends have and we talk about the Too Much Info stuff in person were all women and its nice to ask your friends when your concerned. My best friend has recently been away on the other side of the world on hols she had to put up with me emailing her about it as i was worried i had an infection lol.

Domt be scared what are you scared of? You should get your results if its all clear then your good to go :) without having to go back for the lletz-bonus! X

I'm 28.. A few of my friends have had abnormal smear tests come back but no one I know has had to go for the biopsy. I don't understand it all and the more I try to research it the more worried I'm becoming. I have two children and I'm just petrified of the worst outcome.. I'm really glad I had treatment straight away but worried as this was my first smear test and I'm scared I've left it too late x

Aww murphy don't worry.  I'm also 28yrs old and currently have no children, I was plannign to come off my pill to start a family at the start of this year but that didn't go quite to plan.  So as you can imagine I'm now wondering how this is all going to work having kids but at the end of the day the CIN couldn't stay inside me could it.  I just hope I don't have problems with getting pregnant/carrying a baby.


But like I say one step at a time...can't get pregnant till I'm sorted can I?! Don't be scared.... you actually went for your smear and didn't just keep putting it off so thats a start.


My friends have all been through the mill with CIN, VIN, IVF and ovaries removed, ectopic pregnancies you name it, we are a right bunch between us!


What is it you don't understand?  I am no expert but am more than happy to try and explain :)

There is nothing to worry about. I was in identical situation. Had smear with with LOW GRADE dyscaryosis, went for colposcopy thinking they would confirm there was nothing there (I am superhealthy, never smoked neither drunk, eat lots of organic fruit and veggies, no red meat and hardly any diary, I am a gym bunny and very active, etc) . My gynae looked at my cervix and said he had to treat it there and then! I had NO IDEA what Lletz was...i was there on my own (I didnt ask my hubby to come with me) and eventhough it was painless, I was shaking afterwards (proper shakes/tremors, guess it was all the adrenaline!). Biopsy confirmed CIN2&3. I was glad the gynae did it there and then, as I would hate to wait for the biopsy first, then coming back again for Lletz. You will be fine, dont worry. If it was serious you would DEFINITELY have a different procedure. 

Think I'm worrying as I've read things on the Internet and have realised I have some of the symptoms but kept on just brushing them off. After yet again another night of nightmares and hardly being able to sleep I am feeling like I'm running on empty

Hi Murphy,  

There are so many women who have been in your position and I know its a worrying time. I would think the fact they did the LLETZ there and then is good. This means they saw a small area of abnormality and knew local anesthetic would be sufficient for the procedure.  If it was a large area you would have been put under general anesthetic.  

Try not to compare your situation to anyone else. You have been treated and with any luck you are now free of abnormalities. Its also worth giving the colposcopy clinic a call and check on your results. 

Like other ladies said..try to focus on the present.it can be easy to let your mind run away with itself thinking worst case scenario but remember you need to have as little stress as possible as your body is busy recovering from the LLETZ. 

I wish you all the best

Keep strong


Thanks Michelle. .. I'm trying really hard not to worry but my nightmares are taking over and driving me crazy :( x