lletz results



Just wondered how long it takes for lletz results to come back. 

Also had my referral copy letter and it says moderate and high grade acetowhite areas. Squamocolumnar junction was seen. What does this mean?



Not sure what the medical bits mean but my lletz results were back in 10 days saying it was successful xxx

I'm 9 days now.



Im currently at four weeks...they said any time in between a week and six to me... im hoping no news is good news! x

Id give it 10 working days then start calling every day! But then again you may not be as annoying as me ;) X

I'd check with colposcopy what your letter meant hun.

my LLETZ results came back in 12 days but I only know this as I kept ringing! Still not in reciept of a letter, they said 4-6 weeks but I was lucky enough to get results over the phone - I think the clinic must be sick if hearing my voice. hope you go on ok xx

I did a bit of Googling (never a good thing!) and it sounds like the squamocolumnar junction is where the vaginal tissue meets the transformation zone (the bit of the cervix where CIN tends to happen).  So it doesn't sound bad, it sounds normal!

Not sure about the medical parts sorry hon but results wise, mine took two weeks the first time (I badgered them on the phone), it took another week for the letter to arrive. The results of the second LLETZ took three weeks.

I had been told it could be up to 4 weeks

Don't be afraid to call the clinic and ask - when I called last week to get my second results, the first person told me I'd have to wait for the letter as they don't give out results over the phone (even though that's how I got them the first time). When I called back, a different lady read the letter out over the phone to me