LLetz results

Hi all got my letter today 

says results indicated severe changes and that the abnormal area has been treated and no further treatment is required at present the results will be discussed at you apointment that's in October ?!?! Have tried calling them so see if they can explain it but no answer ! Does this mean clear margins I'm so confused x

Hi Panda, I think hospitals arent very good at writing letters and explaining theirselves. Im sure this is a good result otherwise you would have been called back very quickly not in 6 months time. My daughter received her letter on Saturday and it simply said "Got all abnormal cells away No further treatment and see you in clinic in 6 months for follow up smear test. I think your letter means they found all is well and they have got it all. Dont worry anymore. xxx

hi ty for your reply I am the same back in 6 months just I wanted to hear the words CLEAR margins :( x 

Hi, If they said they have got all bad cells away, this must mean clear margins surely, otherwise how would they know they got it all away. I would have liked to hear clear margins too for my daughter but then i realised the wording of their letter must mean clear margins. Cryptic i know! Its all good news, if it wasnt you would have been called in very quickly. Dont worry anymore, enjoy your results. xxx

True sorry my mind just works over time and over reads every word ! Congrats to your daughter also xx

I know exactly how you feel im exactly the same!! Relax now, its good news. I wish you all the best in the future.xxx

Hi Panda,

My letter read a lot like that. It just said the treament 'should' have been adequate and to return in 6 months. Margins weren't mentioned and neither was the CIN that they removed. I think some hospitals are much better than others at writing up the results which is quite unfair on some of us.

I'm just trying to push mine to the back of my mine till i'm back in August. It's easier said than done but they wouldn't leave us so long if it was putting us at risk :) xx

Hi Fiona, I think you are completely right all hospitals have different ways of writing these results. I questioned them at my daughters lletz appointment for not being clear when sending punch biopsy results. They said they dont always put CIN 1 2 or 3 in letters as some people dont know what this means and they then think they have cancer. So I think like you that we just have to accept that if they dont call you back for more treatment then everything is ok. We didnt find out my daughter had CIN 2 until we questioned them at the lletz appointment. They very much write in code! If there was anything to worry about they wouldnt leave it 6 months to tell you or call you back. They have to call you usually within 10 days to get you back and tell you bad news. All good wishes for the future. We will all be back on here in 6 months waiting for smear test results!!! xxx

Just got thru to the clinic and they said they don't mention margins anymore and I'm all clear and just go back in 6 months phew a lot less to worry about now thank god just my little boys op to go thru and fingers crossed next year will be a health worry free year ! See you all again in 6 months if anyone want to keep in touch just message me :) all the best to everyone we truly are amazing women xxx

Hi Panda, I thought this was the case but im glad you got reassurance from clinic. Told you it was cryptic!! All the very best for the future. Sending big hugs!xxx

Hi ladies, I would always push for clear and conscise information. I was told in 2004 that I had cin2/3 removed and this was nothing to worry about.. I was told nothing more. I was unaware that cin1 was still present and was not informed of this until 10 years later. I wish I had been told the right questions to ask at the time as I found out in 2014 that I had H/grade Cgin and have since had a hysterectomy. This followed 10 clear smears. I understand that Cin1 is usually not treated but I still feel that I should have been informed it was still in my cervix. Clear margins is positive with regards ladies that have Cin 1,2 or 3 but not so much with Cgin as it can be multi focal. In both cases it is important to ask if it was a 'COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE EXCISION'. Please remember that this was just my experience and all hospitals deal with individuals and cases differently but if you want to know the million dollar question..I would say that's it. Hope this helps ladies. Luv Shaz xx