lletz results

Hi all, I had my long awaited results today, the letter I received was very breif so I rang. I had cin3 removed during my llezt procedure but there is no mention of margins and they can only say they are hopeful it was all removed. Left me hanging a bit :/ I need a repeat smear in 6 months so my fingers will be crossed til then. Hope you're all ok and thanks for all the support xx

Hi there,

I have seen this type of post a few times on this forum and I'm beginning to get the feeling it's quite commonplace for them to say that. I'm waiting for my lletz results and it seems a bit of an anti-climax that this is the best I can hope for. Having said that, I'm glad I have seen people's posts as I will know this tends to be what they say so it won't be so much of a disappointment if I get the same, so thanks for sharing. Sorry I can't help anymore.

I rang my nurse as was impatient and she happened to tell mr that one of margins wasn't as clear but the burning should av destroyed any left but when I received letter there was no mention of margins on there x

It does seem a common result and has left me hanging a bit. Xxx