Lletz results

I'm new here, 

I had lletz procedure done last month, had my results as cin3, I don't know what this means. Have been told they won't take more now until I have test of treatment in 6 months, any abnormalities and I'm back in. 

How do we live with this? How can I carry on as normal? 

Its all just got a bit much. 

I'd say that's good news, cin3 so pre cancer and they must think the surgery was a success so they'll give you a test of cure in 6 months. I was told lletz treatment is 98% effective and will often kick your immune system into fighting the hpv infection. My consultant also told me 80% of adults are infected with hpv at some point. You can help yourself by looking after your immune system, lots of fruit and veg, a vitamin with folic acid and definitely don't smoke as there's a strong link between smoking and persistent hpv infection x