LLETZ results

My Doctor just phoned with my LLETZ (no.2) results - turned out it was mild after all, confirmed cin1 and clear margins

Obviously chuffed but a little bit of me is miffed as I didnt actuallty need a second LLETZ - and more cervix removed!

Hey ho, I am taking this as a small victory for me and will be celebrating with a large glass of wine tonight

Good luck to everyone else awaiting results

Cat xxx 

That's great news Cat, enjoy the well deserved glass of wine :)

Fab news, the wait is over for one of us. Shame they did treatment that wasn't needed but at least you can sit back, relax and enjoy that glass of wine Smile

I may have glass/bottle myself tonight. Nothing to celebrate apart from it's the weekend, so I shall raise a glass to you!!

Great news Cat. Glad ur wait is over. Enjoy the wine :) 

great news! start as we mean to go on x

Thanks girls - I'm touched by your replies

I wish you all lots of luck with your individual situations

Sammy - I hope everything goes well for you


Hi Ladies,

Quick update.....good news for me too Smile CIN II result, now on to 6 monthly check ups. Good luck to all awaiting results x