Lletz results

I'm feeling a little confused with my results I had a very short and vague result letter which read...

your recent visit to clinic for lletz/loop biopsy showed pre cancerous changes cin3 .. the biopsy was of adaquate depth 10mm 

i have discharged you to GP for test of cure in August ?? 

Does this mean they think it was successful and I have clear margins ?? Had anybody else had vague results 

Many thanks xx

jan20- HPV and high grade moderate dyskaryosis 

feb11th - lletz and biopsy

march 21- cin 3 test of cure august 


That is exactly what my letter said. My thoughts were exactly the same "wait, what? Why doesn't it mention margins?"

I rang the clinic and the consultant took the time to speak to me. He apologised for badly worded standard NHS letters and explained that my margins were clear. Very grateful to him for taking the time out of his schedule to reassure me. 

I think it would say if your margins weren't clear but, for reassurance, ring them.