Lletz Results

Hi there


I am due to have my Loop Diathermy next week under general and I was just wondering if after the procedure do you get more results? Or is the surgery to completely remove the affected area?


Thank you



Hi Stacy, the surgery is to completely remove the effected area, but then what they remove is sent to the lab and you have to wait for the results to come back again. My Lletz results took just under 4 weeks.


the colposcopy will have shown there are bad cells and the LLETZ is to cut them out. They will then be looked at to ensure they have got th em all and see if any further treatment is needed. You usually receive results within 2-6 wks. Have a read in the colposcopy, etc areas on this website and in the forum for some more information as this is a very clear and helpful website.

good luck

xxx dons

Hi Stacey

I had mine under general the other day and wasnt given any info about when/if I would hear anything. I have a follow up appointment in 8 weeks so I am presuming I will hear then.....unless of course they come back showing something bad.......so I am going to just assume all ok if I dont hear (fingers well and truely crossed!)

Good luck next week, I haven't felt any pain whatsoever since the procedure so hope its the same for you :-)


Hi I have had my first Lletz procedure but 4 days on and I'm getting a stronge odour can this be an infection also feel sick??

Hi Tish

Sounds like an infection.....I was told to go to GP if I got bad odour after lletz. Get your self down there ASAP and they will prescribe you anti-biotics. Will clear up in no time