Lletz Results

Hi All. 


It will be 4 weeks on Tuesday waiting for my LLETZ results. 

I rang the hospital Friday, and they explained they were back however they couldn’t discuss it with me over the phone and the consultant will be in contact. 

This waiting I have found the most difficult, but no news is good news? 

How long did you all wait? 


Thank you xx 

I had my LLETZ on 23rd Jan, and 9 days later (yesterday) received a letter from the hospital asking me to come in and discuss my results on Thursday.

I feel sick with worry and fearing the worst!

Thursday seems a million years away. I am going to try calling tomorrow but from everything I've read they're not going to tell me anything over the phone.


Hi Sidds. 


Aww I’m sorry must be such a worry for you, I don’t think they understand how difficult it must be to wait when they don’t give you information over the phone, bless you!! 

Did they say such when you had your treatment? Xx 

No, just that I'd get my results in the post and would need a smear again in 6 months.

Ive just rang and the receptionist said she couldn't tell me anything, because she doesn't have access to that information.  I said I was told my results would come in the post, but she said sometimes they do both. The letter doesn't suggest I take a friend or relative with me so am holding on to the idea that I think it would if it was bad news.

I bet your desperate for news knowing that your results are back, I hope you hear something soon.


Have you tried ringing your gp? Will they tell you? 

I have just been in contact with mine... 


Lletz result:

Macroscopic examination:   Loop of cervix 20 x 20 x 15 mm.







What does that mean? That they didn't get it all?

Did you ring up? 

I just emailed my GP - but he replied pretty quickly to say my results would go directly to the consultant :( 

I guess I have no choice but to wait until Thurs!

I maybe wrong but I think it depends what system they log onto. 

 Sometimes I think it does make sense for you to see the specialists as they can answer more of your questions, even though I know this doesn’t help. I hope you’ve managed to rest today xx 

Usually doctors or receptionist can't explain things over the phone that is their policy...Unless everything is fine which if you had the leep done obviously it wasn't fine so they could be just wanting to go over it with you in person on what was done and removed. On my account, my doctor has said nothing just sent me for a colposcopy, biopsy and now leep treatment this friday and only results I got was from the receptionist when I asked why all these tests when I was first sent for colposcopy and she said extreme high abnormal cells which she can get in trouble for telling me that (I think she slipped it out). 

I've had quite good communication to date - I went for my smear then got a letter confirming severe dyskaryosis, referrered for Colposcopy.

Went to first colposcopy but area was too large for removal by local aneasthetic so referred to outpatients to have the cells removed with lletz under general aneasthetic.

Consultant came to see me afterwards to say the full surface area of my cervix had been removed and I'd receive my results in the post, with a follow up smear in 6 months.

Then just over a week later I received my letter to ask me to come in for a discussion - hence the panic.

However, they haven't had me in urgently so I am thinking it may be that there are unclear margins, as it was such a large area.  

I keep reminding myself that the screening process it to remove abnormal cells, not cancer cells.  The abnormal cells are potentially years away from turning cancerous, that even if left untreated only have something like a 10-15% chance of turning cancerous, so it's all just pracautionary.  And worst case, if they did find cancer, it would be really really early stages.