LLETZ results


I' just wondering if everyone received their LLETZ results by post or phone if they were 'bad news'!?

I had a LLETZ 3 weeks ago and it's an agonising wait for the results. When I went for my coloscopy appointment I was quite relaxed as I'm aware how common it seems to be, however upon initial consultation the Dr said I could reschedule to come back for the LLETZ, so I agreed to do this as I had to pick up my daughter straight after my apppintment. However when he started the coloscopy he suddenly changed his tone and said he wasn't willing to leave the cells in as they were too severe  (already told they were high grade severe CIN3) so did the procedure there and then, this has panicked me!

I'm basically wondering how I would receive the results if something shows up? I have already tried ringing the hospital to chase them up but no joy. Every day I feel more and more anxious!!


I'e also had alot of discomfort in my lower abdomen and back ache since the procedure (had 1 lot of antibiotics for infection but think it may still be there!?) Has any1 else had this?


Hi, just seen your post .


how are things now? X