LLETZ results

Hi everyone!

My story in a nutshell - I had my 3rd smear test in October 2017, results came Back mild dyskaryosis and HPV positive (previous 2 smears came back normal, including one after having a baby).

I went for the colposcopy and they took a biopsy. Biopsy came back CIN2 and I was referred for LLETZ treatment. I had this 18th December 2017. I have received the results today but the letter doesn’t say anything about clear margins or ‘getting it all‘! It does say I have been referred back to gp for a smear in 6 months time, does this mean they have taken it all for now? Also, I’m a bit worried that it’s changed so quickly from the smear to the LLETZ treatment. Was it CIN3 all along and they never picked it up? I know I’m probably worrying over nothing and at least they have (hopefully?) taken it all away. Didn’t know where else to find the answers and google only makes me worry more! Waiting for my drs to open again so I can call to ask.

thanks to anyone that Replies or can help with my questions.

Zoe xx

Hi there. I haven’t yet had any results back and I had LLETZ on the exact same date as you however I can try and help a bit based on what my nurse told me when I went in. 

When we were speaking about results and next steps etc she said if she got all the cells with clear margins then I would return for a check up in 6 months. If there was any more unfortunate or complex results I would see her or a doctor much sooner. Obviously I would definitely go ahead and call your doctors but I would try to relax somewhat- as you’ve been given a 6 month window before coming back I would assume they are happy for now with how the treatment went. 

She didn’t specify how much detail the letter will go into but from my own reading on the subject it appears how they word things and how much detail they give can vary from NHS area to area. Hopefully your doctor can confirm and put your mind at ease.

also with  to it changing my nurse also informed me that smears and even colposcopy can not give 100% accuracy on grading-only a biopsy can do this. She informed me smears can be up to one level out.  so it could just be that the smear got it slightly wrong and the biopsy gave it the proper grading. 


Good luck xx