LLETZ results wait!!


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I’ve been reading lots of forum posts on here since receiving my abnormal smear result for high grade dyskaryosis in Feb and find it works well to calm me down in my moments of panic and anxiety so thank you! J




I went for a colposcopy on 25/02/15 and had LLETZ procedure during the same visit….The Dr. told me at the end of my treatment that she would put her mortgage on me not having cc and that she would be able to tell if there was something I should worry myself over. This gave me so much reassurance for the 1st week of waiting on my results but now, just over 2 weeks into waiting, I keep finding myself in a blind panic and fearing the worst! I keep trying hard to remind myself of the Dr’s words as it felt like one hell of a statement to make “I’d put my mortgage on it…” but my mind just won’t let me rest easy.




I don’t think it helps that I keep reading that the Dr. wouldn’t be able to see some cc and this keeps weighing on my mind…..




I’m 27 and had a normal smear 3 years ago and have no symptoms of cc so I’m trying to stay positive but now I know that letter could drop through my door any day, it’s freaking me out!!


Can completely sympathise. Waiting for results is so difficult. Even if you start off calm then doubts just seem to creep in as the waiting period progresses! In my experience anyway.

The doctor sounds extremely confident that you did not have CC. Plus it takes years to develop and you had a normal smear three years ago so the chances are inceedibly slim. Also, I believe they would call you within a couple of weeks if they did find any cause for concern in the LLETZ specimin. Have you been given an idea of how long you'll have to wait? Six weeks is average I think? X

Thank you for replying Pineapple :)

After yet another sleepless night last night, I phoned the colposcopy clinic to see if they could provide me with an update. I think they could sense just how anxious i was and put me through to the Dr who performed my colposcopy and LLETZ. She told me that she really isn't meant to divulge information over the phone but in order to put my mind at ease she confirmed that no cancer was reported and that i will be due back in 6 months as is routine. She said she will put more details in a letter to me which i should receive within the next week. What a huge relief!!


Hi VickyP

Great news x x

Hi Vicky 

Can sympathise with you - am waiting for my LLETZ results from the 2/3/15 which could be up to a 4 week wait . Had colposcopy in December and had a 10 week wait due to an administrative error at the hospital :-( am suffering bad anxiety as a result and my mind can't rest easy , though the consultant was hopeful that im ok . It's such a horrible time . Great news for you glad that all is ok 

Lorna x

Thank you Suzy and Lorna....Lorna, I wouldn't wish the waiting on anyone, it's so miserable and scary but i now feel like the consultants have a really good idea as to what they're looking for so it's great news that yours was positive. :) It is a huge relief to have heard that i'm ok but i'm strangely left feeling vulnerable and slightly nervous. I wasn't expecting to. I think the whole process has knocked me for six...I'm hoping this anxiety eases over the next 6 months before my check up but in the meantime i'm embarking on a real health kick and getting myself back in the gym! Don't hesitate to contact me if you want someone to speak to whilst you continue to wait. Sending lots of hugs your way!! xxx