Lletz results....thinking the worst

Hi everyone, I posted this yesterday in the old forum and im guessing its gone missing so im posting it again as i really need some advise and support.

I had my first smear 5 weeks ago and it showed severe dyskaryosis, the following week I had LLetz. The nurse said if it was nothing nasty and had clear margins then she would write and tell me this and would see me in 6 months. However I got my letter on saturday saying that my biopsy results had come back and they would like to see me next week to discuss results and further treatment......!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can imagin I am now thinking the worst. Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so what happened and what did your results say? Im going out of my mind here!!

Thanks for taking the time to read

Vikkie xx

Hi Vikkie,

When I read your post what i thought was that the margins are probably not clear and they might need to do another lletz or cone biopsy,  I've seen that be the case for people on here and I'd imagine they'd have gotten back to you sooner if they were worried. I'd be a hypocrite if I said not to think the worst because I'm trying to stop myself doing that at the minute and it's hard not to. They really need to look at what they put in letters because it scares the bejaysus out of us, my first abnormal smear letter said 'your results are available at your gp', i was in an awful state thinking it's so bad they can't even tell me in a letter. Good luck when you go in and let us know how you get on.

Sarah xx

Hi Vikkie,

It's hard not to panic when the goal posts move but it's something I have experienced the whole way through my journey. The way I got through it was to think that at least something was being done and no need panicking until I know if I have anything worth panicking about. 

I was told I had cervical cancer and I still didn't panic, I've had surgery (radical trachelectomy) three weeks ago and i'm so glad I didn't panic (much) and stayed so positive. You might just need another lletz or more treatment but try not to panic yourself, there's lots they can do.

Hoping that it's just something simple and whether it is or it isn't we're all here for you. 

Please let us know how you get on 

Liane X

Vikkie87…it is worrying but perhaps my experience might help. I went for my Colpo 6 wks ago & whilst there they carried out LLETZ. 3 wks later my results came through as CGIN3 with an appt for 6 months time. Ok, I thought, it can’t be too bad if I don’t have to go back until then. Then last week I got a letter saying they now want to see me early Dec for more treatment. Like you I panicked, but today I saw my GP. She checked my hosp results & said it was just because there weren’t clear margins (ie they may have cut a bad cell in half & left the other half behind.) She said they’ll just want to check me out again & take out any missed cells just in case. Because mine is CGIN she said it’s not always easy to get to the cells as the canal is smaller than a knitting needle.She also said most CIN & CGIN3 will go back to normal themselves but they don’t take any risks so carry out treatment to be on the safe side. Hope you get on, but as I said to my gp, it’s the lack of info not necesssarily the diagnosis that is worrying. Good luck Vikkie87.

Thank you for your replies, my apt is tomorrow at 10.30....will let you know how I get on xxxx